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Josh and I met in Colorado Springs in 2014. Four and half years later, we’re getting hitched! We’ve been planning and getting ready for the big day, and it’s quickly approaching. The venue and catering has been booked. The photographer and DJ are ready to go. Centerpieces and napkin colors have been chosen. Who knew there were so many decisions to make?! It’s a little exhausting. But we are SO EXCITED. It’s crazy to think that in less than two months, Josh and I will be married.

So why start a blog?

While discussing what we wanted our wedding to look like, Josh and I realized that a large number of our friends and family have never been to a gay wedding or even had much exposure to same-sex relationships. We talked about how we could share more about this process and the journey we’ve been on together. Adding a blog to our website, we decided, was the easiest way to do that.

Our hope here is to answer some questions you may have about our experience and to give you a small glimpse into our lives. We even have an option on our contact page to submit a question for the blog. The plan is to post at least every week leading up to the wedding and, depending on how this goes, we may or may not blog after that. Time will tell.

So stay tuned and, in the mean time, send us a note if there’s anything you’re dying to know.